Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One Million Babies

Parenting is full of low moments. When your daughter refuses to let you take her diaper off, or put her pants on, or take her out of the car. When you were up all night. When you are covered in throw up and runny poop that doesn't belong to you (not that it would be much of an improvement if it were your own. But now I do fully appreciate how my parents used to tell me they wished they could be sick or hurt instead of me).

But somehow you still have these days were you are so in love with your little kids and with being a mommy that you wish it were some how financially and psychologically and physically possible to just have a ton of babies.

Maggie has gotten to the age where she smiles. And it reminds me of all the little things about Hannah being a baby that you can't capture in a "first moments" record. Like how happy and calm she'd get looking at mobiles. Watching Maggie's face light up just like her sister's would just makes me fall in love with Maggie even more and with Hannah all over again.

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